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Early Menopause diagnosis

"I spent some time talking to Lindsay and she she really got to know what my issues and problems were. She prescribed me a remedy and continued to support me. After 2 months, my clinical diagnosis has been reversed and I am not taking any medication. I feel great and I feel like I can now live life!! Thanks Lindsay, it means the world". J H - aged 35 years

"I feel like me again"

"Prior to treatment I felt a little 'broken', I'd lost my focus and felt very run down, both physically and mentally, just generally unwell.  I noticed a significant improvement immediately following my initial treatment and I have steadily improved since that time.  I absolutely believe Homeopathy worked for me. I would recommend Lindsay to others without hesitation, she is wonderful!" Julie Mitchell.


"I came to her because I was feeling tired. I was in need of time for myself and my professional project but I couldnt see a way to get it.  After our first interview, I received a remedy by mail and I was told to take it just once. I was really skeptical. Anyway, the week after I was having a whole new vision of my work and what I was trying to achieve to do with my project. I started having a new plan and lots of ideas.

I was not feeling angry anymore because I had found a balance in my life. Everything was easier and I was feeling happier.

I saw Lindsay a last time in October 2012 and we both agreed that was it. I didnt need her anymore. For the moment, we had sorted out. It was like magic.

I still cant believe that homeopathy did it for me in about 4 months! I have been through psychotherapy some years ago, for a totally different problem, but I can tell that it was not magical at all, and it was longer. I wish I had known Lindsay that time!" Alexandra Michiardi


"I would recommend Lindsay very highly.  She has helped me through a very difficult period and found exactly the right remedy which has provided relief and peace.  Lindsay is immensely thorough and is adept at giving comfort and providing a space where secrets can be told and thoughts processed.  She has your best interests at heart and the service is completely confidential" Ali Plowright


"THANK YOU SO MUCH!  For being so kind, friendly, patient and warm to me.  You are an exceptional Homeopath and a wonderful lady.  I really do feel much lighter in my step and positive more and more each day since taking my remedy 5 weeks ago" Irene Foletti

These are the opinions of people who believe they've been helped by Lindsay Allison 

Many more testimonials from Homeopathic patients can be found on "Homeopathy works for me"


"Lindsay is eminently capable, trustworthy and efficient and all the dealings I have had with her have been most productive and almost as importantly, hugely enjoyable. Lindsay is adept at putting people at ease and her excellent communication skills ensure she gets to the heart of the issue quickly. She is both professional and courteous in her approach and persistent in seeking solutions." Anne Tipple O.B.E British Chamber of Commerce


Management capability

"From the beginning of my career with Fastsigns, Lindsay has played a huge part in my own development and also that of the company. Lindsay is one of the most hard working, dedicated, reliable people I have come across." Ross Wainwright, Fastsigns


Positive Results

"We saw Lindsay present at a Chamber of Commerce HR event and we decided to refer one of our employees to her for treatment.  The employee in question was suffering from long term chronic pain and a resultant irritablity which was having a detrimental affect in the workplace.  Shortly after treatment commenced we saw a definite change.  This was the employees response to the treatment:-

"I was very skeptical on my first visit to Lindsay but after three visits I am virtually pain free and mentally I feel more relaxed, most of the time.  I'm able to be more open and talk about problems at work which would have wound me up before."

This was an unexpected solution to a long term problem and we would have no hestiation in recommending Lindsay"

H.D.Sharman, Chapel-en-le-Frith 



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