How I work

As with all clients, whether business or personal, it starts with an in-depth two hour consultation  I look at all the factors affecting your health and well being, your moods and mental and physical symptoms that you experience.  The session is one to one and totally confidential.  We then review the information you've given and prescribe a Homeopathic remedy. This will address the physical and mental sensations that you are experiencing. The philosophy of Homeopathy is that "like cures like"  If the chosen remedy match is a good match then your symptoms will subside and changes will happen. Treatment requires a minimum of two, one hour follow up consultations to track progress and may be considerably longer depending upon individual needs. 


A consultation can take place in any comfortable private room or via Skype or VSee from the comfort of your own home.  The first follow up will be after 4 weeks and last approximately one hour.  Then follow ups will be as and when necessary.


Call now on 07968 167 036 


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