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Monthly staff health and wellbeing workshops

Your employees don't have to be off sick for you to use my services.  The important thing to your Company's success is staff who are fully engaged and performing to their best.   You can use my services on your premises.  All we need is a quiet comfortable meeting room where your employees can talk in privacy.  There are many chronic irritating conditions which can affect people's performance at work.

Your employees may be suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, menopause, dysmenorrhea, fybromyalgia, M.E, I.B.S and chronic pain, to name but a few.  And there is always a risk of long term sick leave and a resultant disability discrimination claim.

Poor performance and low employee engagement can be down to any number of factors which make concentration at work difficult for some people.  This has been investigated by Engage For Success an organisation who have carried out much research on the matter. In illness many people believe that their Doctor is their only resource.  I always advise maintaining contact with your primary health care professional. However, many people are not aware that some chronic conditions may respond well to complimentary treatments which may not be available on the N.H.S.  Some progressive private health companies such as WPA, Simply Health & Westfield Health  cover these complimentary treatments.

If your employees have been off on long term sick leave then you have a bigger problem which we can also help you with.  Using our services may result in a better and more cost effective solution to the problems this causes.  Contact me now to arrange a consultation.


Depression at work

Homeopathy is often recommended, by others who believe they have been helped by it, where conventional medicine says it can't help them. Homeopathic treatment costs are covered by some private health companies

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