Putting the health back into Health and Safety

Safety is so much easier to control and monitor than Health because you can see it and accident levels can be monitored. Health is less visible, and apart from absence levels there is no measure other than a lack of performance.  

Surveys show that Stress and Depression are responsible for 56% of employee absences. The average UK direct cost to employers in 2011 was £662 per employee per annum.  Plus 60% in additional indirect costs because of lost productivity and overtime.  That's over £1,000 per employee!  And that's just the average, many will be costing you a lot more.  Our program of treatment is a great way of increasing the overall physical and mental health of your workforce in a professional, caring, economical and cost effective way

Employee Motivation and Engagement

People may be disengaged from their career and their life for a variety of reasons. It could be the work environment they are in, problems at home, illness.  Any of these will affect their mood and their general feeling of wellbeing. In turn this affects their emotional and mental state and creates illness.  People who have our treatment stop being "stuck" and move forward. They make decisions about their life and their work.  Decisions which have a positive impact and create the energy required to make necessary changes.  In a recent survey of my business, taken over a 12 month period, 83% of my clients reported that their general feeling of wellbeing was increased following treatment. 94% reported feeling improved in some way.  And the median level of improvement in the conditions for which they intially sought help was 54%.  Many of these conditions they had been putting up with for between one and five years, some for longer. Imagine the impact that has on their lives and your business.

If you want to explore further how this can help to make your organisation healthier then please call me now on 07968 167036 to arrange a free consultation. 

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It makes sense to have a happy and healthy workforce, because it saves money

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