Homeopath Consulting in Sheffield and Buxton, Derbyshire

My background was originally in Healthcare but I moved on later to a 30 year career in Management.  I have worked in both public and private sector laterly running my own manufacturing company until 2006.


My own personal experiences with feeling ill and stuck caused me to explore alternative medicines and I underwent a short course of Homeopathic treatment which had a profound impact on my life and work. I realised the unexplored potential of this treatment and I decided to study Homeopathy. I graduated after 4 years part time study and became a qualified practitioner with the Society of Homeopaths in 2010 which means I am also PSA (Professiona Standards Authority) registered

Sensation Method 

 I have since furthered my knowledge graduating also from Aroga School who specialise in the Indian "sensation" method of case taking developed by 3rd generation Homeopath, Dr Rajan Sankaran. I believe this sensation method, which looks into the individuals experience at the very core of the problem, to be extremely useful in making a long term lasting and successful remedy selection for the patient, this being the major challenge of the Homeopath.     



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